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About Us

SIMSEG started its activity in 1999.

SIMSEG’s main activities are the production, casting and machining, of piston and sealing rings and cylinder liners for engines and industrial applications.

SIMSEG’s ferrous foundry produces, by order and according to drawings and technical specifications, gray or ductile cast iron parts.


Simseg is located in Parque Industrial of Celeiros, Braga, in three production plants

Ferrous Foundry

Pavilion 45

Cylinder Liners

Pavilion 21

Piston Rings

Pavilion 5

4.200 m2

of industrial area

The company operates mainly in the export market, which depicts 70% of its sales. It’s main markets are the EU ( Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and  Sweden ), US, GB, Switzerland, Norway, South Africa, Argentina and Turkey.

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