Piston Rings

SIMSEG cast and machines piston or sealing rings for engines, compressors and industrial applications.

SIM® is Simseg’s trade mark.

SIMSEG can produces all the types of piston or sealing rings, according costumer’s specifications or international standards, ISO or DIN.

SIMSEG has specific quality control equipment to guarantee the production of piston or sealing rings.

The quality system of SIMSEG is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

As a result of the installed equipment and know-how of the team, SIMSEG produces all types of piston rings, from diameter 26 to 180mm, profiles and special joints.

If demanded SIMSEG can produce chrome plated or phosphate piston rings.

Photographies by João Cunha Photography

Standard Grey Iron

96 – 106 HRB
85.000 – 115.000 N/mm2

Special Grey Iron

108 – 114 HRB
100.000 – 130.000 N/mm2

Ductile Iron

100 – 106 HRB
min 130.000 N/mm2

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